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I totally agree with Dustin here.

Hanging them without looking first is akin to running a stop sign. You'll probably be fine, most of the time. But......

It doesn't take long to look.

Bob's right, things can and almost always do get missed. Dustin is also right though, one should find out as much as possible and make an informed decision as to what freq/channel to use.

Bob, I'm shocked to hear you say you don't look before you leap!  oy!

You crack me up!  :-)

And telling people to use high power radios. Yikes. Dude. People should use as much power as it takes to do that job, not a drop more! ESPECIALLY in urban markets. All a 40 dB fade margin does is cause interference 20 miles (literally) down the road.

Augh!!!!! Go back and re-read what I wrote. Let me know if you need any help. :-P

I sure wish the FCC would put an APC requirement on all future radio designs. Then we could have our high power radios and avoid the rats nest that always eventually comes with using higher power than what's needed.

For a point of reference. I have a WiFi based 21 mile ptp link that gets 2 megs of throughput. These are only 17dB INDOOR radios, short lmr400 runs and 24dB grid antennas.

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