Great points!  Let me add a couple of thoughts:

Just selling connectivity in most areas is a closing opportunity (until the Tele-Barons decide to tier their network anyway).

Govt is short sighted (until the next election). But a demo along with a viable alternative solution can help you get in the door. (It wouldn't hurt to get a godfather or a major player on your side either).



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I am doubting that wisps can actually accomadate the muni in most situations, unless they are closely involved with the design of the network, Talking spectrum use here.

First off, the WISPs have to have the guts to talk to the city. Many simply 
refuse to do so, and are probably going to get the Muni WiFi shoved down their 

Second, the cities are mostly going to use 2.4 GHz for access and 5.7-5.8 GHz 
for backhauls. WISP's will need to use 5.25-5.25 GHz and 900 MHz.
As for going along with free muni wifi, How is a wisp going to operate if a muni is offering for free or at cut rate pricing?

In a word, service. The city will only be offering WiFi access-period. They 
won't be going out to peoples houses and doing installs, fixing virii, doing 
firewalls, etc.
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