George wrote:

Almost every wisp today is using 2.4 to reach the customer and 5 gig for infrastructure and high end customers. Are you saying that wisps have to move off the existing spectrum and replace their equipment?

Here in Atlanta you can't use 2.4 unless it is indoors. In fact, you have to get out 90+ miles before the noise floor drops off enough to even think about it. We tested Tropos units here, which are high powered and have good receive sensitivity, but we still need each node to be spaced anywhere from 0.125 to 0.25 miles apart to provide decent indoor penetration. With a higher powered CPE we can separate the nodes further apart, but in the end it still requires too many nodes. I say too many because of the bandwidth loss experienced by using single radio mesh nodes. At least here, you can't use multi-radio nodes because the only Wi-Fi channel that doesn't have an impossible noise floor is channel 1 and there are too many trees to use something other than 2.4 for intra-mesh distribution.

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