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>John J. Thomas wrote:
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>> First off, the WISPs have to have the guts to talk to the city. Many simply 
>> refuse to do so, and are probably going to get the Muni WiFi shoved down 
>> their throats.
>I don't want to turn this into a battle of ideals.

George, you are welcome to believe anything that you want. Here are some facts;
1. I work for Clare Computer Solutions and we are a Cisco Mesh certified 
network Integrator.
2. Cities have approached US to install their networks
3. These cities are not San Francisco sized, they are probably populations 
100,000 and smaller.
4. They are spending the money to put in infrastructure for City workers, 
first. Many are looking at providing Internet access second.

>But how many local wisps have been chosen to date?
>I bet Joe laura in NO got passed over without much consideration to him.
>Joe is on this list, let him chime in here.
>> Second, the cities are mostly going to use 2.4 GHz for access and 5.7-5.8 
>> GHz for backhauls. WISP's will need to use 5.25-5.25 GHz and 900 MHz.
>Almost every wisp today is using 2.4 to reach the customer and 5 gig for
>infrastructure and high end customers. Are you saying that wisps have to
>move off the existing spectrum and replace their equipment?

I am not saying that WISPS have to move off of 2.4. I am saying that if WISPs 
want to provide top quality service, then they may need to move off of 2.4 as 
it is getting crowded in lots of areas.
>> In a word, service. The city will only be offering WiFi access-period. They 
>> won't be going out to peoples houses and doing installs, fixing virii, doing 
>> firewalls, etc.
>Here is a scenario, if a potential customer who is on the fence while
>deciding to go to broadband was to hear that a new muni free wifi system
>is going to come on line or he can buy now with his local wisp, which
>choice is the average consumer going to make?

Most are going to try the muni first. Some are going to be unsatisfied and will 
look for a better deal. I'll give you an example. I had 384k SDSL to my house 
and it was costing me $152 per month. In order to save money, I dropped the 
SDSL in favor of a cable modem. The cable modem can do 6 meg down and about 
384k up for $43 per month and has been verified by DSLreports. Even my wife 
thinks the SDSL was better, I just couldn't afford it anymore. If someone in 
Antioch CA were even offering wireless service at $42 per month, I would be 
there. There is a subset of people that want quality, and are willing to pay 
for it. Two questions come up-can you deliver and are there enough to keep you 
from starving?

>The support scenario happens long after the fact.
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