The issue must be a format issue.  It appears that the Nighthawk
system uses Pocsag, long the leader in paging formats.

Some paging systems do not use Pocsag (Very few do not have
the capabilty to use Pocsag, but there are some out there)
and the Nighthawk would not appear to be compatable with
a pure FLEX, two tone, or other format system.

It would not take much to take a flex pager (Or whatever format
that system uses) and have it trip a relay though, which could reset
your system.  Tie a transistor to the LED, have it switch a relay.

You could do that with any format, all you would need is a pager
from the system, and a little thought.  Not as pretty as the nighthawk,
but I bet it would work just as well.

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Zip code? Huh, you just need a paging company with coverage in the area you
need service with.. We ordered our units without the paging service, go to
you local paging company and activate the units with them

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Aren't those preprogramed from the factory for specific ZIP CODEs of

Thats the reason we didn't go with them, we couldn't just buy a bunch of
them and use them, we had to predict in advance where we would use them.

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