That makes sense.  There are other options out there,
one would be use a local Community Repeater (If you
are not familiar with them, your local two way radio
dealer would be)

Put an encoder in your office, used you could put one
together with a radio and power supply for under 1k,
and Motorola Minitor II pagers at each site that you
need to reset.  Each site would have a distinctive
cap code, which you could reset at will.  The reason I
use Minitor II units, and not newer MIII through MV,
is the Minitor II units work great, and are available with
a charger unit that also has a relay assembly built in.

This would give you probably 50-60 mile coverage,
or more.

Just a thought.

Or, with paging systems so cheap on the used market
now, just put up your own, don't call it paging call it
scada so that you can get frequencies.  A single
site now a days can be had for under 1k, and a
paging controller for less than that.

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The night hawk units , does this, exactly, it receives a page with a 4 digit
code to either turn off, or reset the ac outlet,  the good thing about the
nighthawks is that you can have as many units with the same capcode and pay
just for 1 paging number, each units has a code, that it uses to
differentiate from the others...

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