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You are right about our having some folks going back years. Maybe the
longest example would Jason's Midcoast in Maine. Midcoast goes back at least
to 1997. In addition to those, we have a pretty good crop of more recent
operators that have moved upstream, so to speak. A prototypical example of
one like that is Marty Dougherty's Roadstar Internet in Loudon County, VA.
He transitioned upward twice from where he started in terms of vendor
choice. We also have a healthy number of CLECs, especially post-DSL


If you don't mind, please elucidate us (me) on the subject of upward mobility in the BWIA foodchain .. I'm intrigued by the term "vendor choice" - what are the criteria? What are the benefits of assumed standing? What patterns do you see in the success and failure of network operators?  

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