Sheesh.........Here we go again.....

WISPA needs a Prescription plan with automatic renewals and 24 hour nursing so members will take their medication on time.

Also looks like WISPA needs to fire that new Crystal Ball Reader they just hired. Another attack on the industry just got by us without her letting us know.

Sure is a shame one of the members couldn't have brought it to WISPA's attention in a more mature, informative way like most members do. After all, that is a responsibility of the membership.

It's also a shame that more people don't just step up to the plate and help with these issues instead of just attacking the small handful of people ( and I mean SMALL) that are doing it. But I guess with all those big paychecks the board members are making they should be doing all the work! Thankfully the Feds send us money personally just so we won't rock the boat on issues like these....

DISCLAIMER: WISPA does not have a Crystal Ball Reader. We have a Tarrot Card Reader. She was cheaper and more fun to watch work. The Board Members do not get paid any compensation. They get all their personal satisfaction seeing that members such as George really appreciate what they are doing for him and his business. And the Fed's never sent us (past and present board members) any financial compensation. They did say that we could make Alberto Gonzales our legal adviser pro bono though......

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