It may seem like a 'no brainer' to you, but since when did an idea being
brain-dead-stupid stop the government from trying or actually enforcing it?

There is one common thread that runs through all things government does when
it is seeking to "help" the common folk - a complete and total lack of
common sense.

Does Mr Gonzales or the FBI care a whit about, or even KNOW anything about
what it would take to do what they ask?   No, of course not.

I doubt quite seriously that any heads of executive branch departments realize that broadband/internet services are sometimes/often? provided by companies with a staff of less than ten and gross revenues less than $1MM annually. Most Washington beaurocratics live in a box and believe the line of bull that the Bell's and the Cable-Ops feed them. That is to say that the likes of Ma-Bell or Comcast created the internet and there aren't very many of the rouge ISPs around anymore. They might as well just treat the industry like there are 10 players: Comcast, Time Warner, Verizon, AT&T, Bell South, Qwest, Sprint, MSN, Earthlink, and AOL. The rest of us are a bunch of renegades providing internet using tin-cans and string or pringles-cans and duct-tape.

Thats why government thinks nothing of mandating logging/snooping/data retention for ISPs. They just don't recognize that the internet was formed by small mom-n-pop ISPs and that a fairly sizable chunk of internet access is still handled by the little guys.

- Larry

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