Thank you Marlon.

I can not recall any issues between Mark or anyone else in wispa and I can't imagine that a difference of opinion would put somebody on the outside. I would not want to see differences of opinions put anyone on the outside. This organization is made up of many different people with many different ideas and personally, I want to hear them all, because that is how we come to a consensus. I would hope that even if we disagree with each other at times, we still respect each other regardless.


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Because I"m personna non grata with WISPA and Part-15.


Says who? Last I knew you were a paid member. And you've pulled no "Glass" style manuvers. You've not been kicked out of the asso. or anything.

You don't agree with some of the WISPA official stands, and that's ok. This is the WISPA asso. not the Koskenmaki asso! Just like it's not the Schafer asso. I don't like everything that WISPA does or stands for. Heck, I don't always like everything *I* write on WISPA's behalf!!!! But it's a group effort, or at least supposed to be. I don't take it personally, though it's often frustrating as hell (USF and our totaly lack of any official response comes directly to mind!!!!).

I don't share the same political goals, and as such,  I'm not in any
position to do squat.

OK, I can accept that. But that's YOUR possition, not one of WISPA's or, I believe, most of the WISPA membership.

After being threatened by both WISPA people and Part-15 people, being told to shut up and go away, I don't figure I have much influence around either place. But, since the stories DID appear in several public news outlets, I
figured at least someone would notice and care enough to comment.

You were asked to let a dead horse die. That's not the same as shut up and go away. It's only shut up!!! Big Grin

And I figure this ends my ability to be on this list, as well.

I don't see why. Unless you just can't stand not getting your way. hehehehehe

Lighten up Mark. This is a team sport. It's football, not golf. You don't get to play every hole your way and you don't get to get mad when the coaches call a play you don't like. You still have a job to do for your industry. Do your best and no one here will ever hold that against you.


See ya.

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