I was assuming the same thing. I thought that European isps were already required to do this.

Mac Dearman wrote:
I wouldn't imagine that this responsibility would fall on us WISPs, but to
our upstream providers like BellSouth...etc. Why would they want to deal
with the 20,000 piss ants of the world when all they have to do is back up
stream two hops and catch all the traffic? Common sense tells me this will
not fall on us!


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Why aren't we fighting tooth and nail to stop this kinda stuff?

Or, is this issue like certain others, where WISPA founders take contrary
positions to the rest of the members and side with big brother and encourage
the feds to dig into and regulate our business, in some apparent hope of
ingratiating themselves with the regulators?

AT LEAST could we have the leadership tell us what THEY think of this?

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