Thank you very much.
As for work groups, YES Butch, even YOU a NON wisp can join in a work group and contribute.

I will say once again,

If ANYONE in our industry can come up with a work group, wisp centric that will help our industry and our wisps, we would WELCOME you to do so and create an enviorment for you guys to flourish.

I would probably faint if someone actually did this.


Butch Evans wrote:
On Sat, 3 Jun 2006, Mark Koskenmaki wrote:

Why aren't we fighting tooth and nail to stop this kinda stuff?

Why aren't YOU doing something about it?

Or, is this issue like certain others, where WISPA founders take contrary positions to the rest of the members and side with big

Hmmm, it seems to me that there aren't many people who are members complaining about this being the case. I know YOU have argued some points to death, but that's not "the rest of the members". Are you even a member?

brother and encourage the feds to dig into and regulate our business, in some apparent hope of ingratiating themselves with the regulators?

This is just dumb enough to not even require any response.

AT LEAST could we have the leadership tell us what THEY think of this?

Why not ask the membership what they want? I agree with you that this issue is a big one. It is not an impossible thing to accomplish, but it is certainly a big issue. I'd suggest that you (I'm no longer an ISP, so why should I worry about it), as a member (you ARE a member, right?), step up to the plate and head up a workgroup to come up with an official response and plan of action to fight this issue.

George Rogato

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