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How many WISPs on this list are limiting P2P traffic separate from other traffic? I'll bite... I am.

We don't

How many WISPs on this list are prioritizing VoIP traffic separate from other traffic? I'll bite. I am. And I only prioritize VoIP traffic to and from my own VoIP servers and not VoIP traffic from Vonage or anyone else.

We don't

How many WISPs on this list are filtering NetBIOS, RPC, and other traffic deemed malicious? I'll bite... I am again.

We don't

Now the last one, I can't imagine being sued over, but I hope you see my point.

These controls are important for me to manage my network and ensure a quality of service my customers expect.

Net neutrality takes these controls away.

I don't want government regulated internet service, but at the same time I don't agree with your position. We provide a raw internet service to our customers. They don't pay us to filter or prioritize it in anyway. As such, doing any filtering or prioritizing may be at odds with the customer's needs.

Ask yourself why you filter or prioritize in the first place. Almost always the answer is oversubscription... you have sold the customer more services than you are capable of delivering. There is nothing wrong with a best effort service when it is sold as such. On the other hand, when you sell a dedicated SLA-based service I believe you have no business over subscribing or filtering the service in any way.

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