I personally think this whole net neutrality is a combination of much ado about nothing and the little guys not learning how to work together. Will the RBOCs be able to wield any real power against the major content companies of the world? No, they won't. But, what about the small operations? Simple, host their web presence with facilities that wield enough power to get around the RBOCs. Most web operations already do this whether they know it or not. For example, we peer with Cogent, Limelight, Google, etc. Almost every content operation with the exception of Yahoo is available through those peers and we are working on a peering agreement with Yahoo now. If the RBOCs want priority access for our eyeballs to these content operators they can keep on dreaming since the traffic never touches their networks. We are not alone BTW.

Now I understand not every operation can enter into peering agreements with content companies or large operations like Cogent. Google alone requires 15Mbps of traffic destined to them from 2 geographically diverse locations. Of course, if many of the small players worked together their combined traffic would actually be interesting from a peering standpoint. I know people don't like to work together, but you are going to have learn it real soon or watch yourself get pushed around by the RBOCs.

Think about where things would be now if 5 years ago all the CLECs decided to buy from each other instead of the RBOCs. I say to everyone on this list, if you are buying from a RBOC anything that you can buy elsewhere; do it!

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