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Ask yourself why you filter or prioritize in the first place. Almost always the answer is oversubscription... you have sold the customer more services than you are capable of delivering. There is nothing wrong with a best effort service when it is sold as such. On the other hand, when you sell a dedicated SLA-based service I believe you have no business over subscribing or filtering the service in any way.


Matt, you are right on the money and just summed it all up in that one paragraph, in my opinion.

It is true that most wisps that filter probably sell to the residential consumer market at low competitive prices. We as wisps have always understood our systems to offer a shared service. So it's in our best interest to handle our network the way we see fit. We should not be forced into any type of regulatory system that stops us from filtering, blocking or giving priority, or not to our customers.

We as last mile providers need to have the leeway, but with restrictions.

Now the middle mile, is another story.
The answer to that is NO filtering, NO blocking, NO prioritizing.
Just all of what we pay for, which is dedicated internet access without restrictions.

After all the difference between the two is business models, one is selling wholesale commercial dedicated connections and the other a retail finished product.

And it's not like we are buying a $1,000.00 connection and reselling it at a mark up. We are buying a $1,000.00 connection and reselling it for a mark down.

Hence, "over subscription". How far can we "stretch" our networks and what do we have to do to stretch it as far as we can.

George Rogato

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