I have used a local communications company that has been in business about
25 years.

They do tower work, including the erection and maintenance and they just
increased their price to $45 per man our.

Maybe I'm just lucky, but I suggest if you can find an small older paging,
trunking system or two-way radio provider, the rates may be better. But, I
also think it depends on your area.

- Cliff

On 9/7/06 10:34 PM, "Mark Koskenmaki" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> The FM radio station I'm working out a deal with... Is a non-profit, a
> religious station that runs on donations.
> So far, we have 2 prices for doing a standard tower inspection of about a
> 200 foot tower, and I don't know if this includes tensioning guys, etc.
> But the price is about $3500.
> I don't believe they can actually pay that out.   Can someone point me to a
> list or some resource that can point me to tower teams in eastern WA or OR,
> that might not be quite this much?    If they can't do that, it really puts
> a wrinkle in my plans to put stuff on their tower, as I won't put anything
> on it, nor can I get a climber to put stuff on it, unless the work is done
> in the first place.
> Any references would be appreciated.
> Thanks
> Mark
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