For those of us in the "Ma and Pa" category, it wasn't too hard to see this

I've argued since the day I first dreamed of wireless broadband, that life's
lessons would serve me fine...

Find a way to meet the needs of your customers, in a way that benefits THEM
and you.   If you can't produce a better value than someone else, find a way
to do so.

In the end, all the arguments about building value or revenue or whatever
are mostly trivial.   If you don't have a reason to exist, and if you don't
have a plan to make money with reasonable assumptions, and the flexibility
to change with the times, you're as obsolete as the buggy whip.

I seriously doubt that anything besides the aquisition of a customer base
THAT WILL MAKE YOU PROFITABLE LONG TERM matters a whole lot.   Of course,
the implications of that are technical competence, competitive products, and
pricing and cost structures that are sane and reasonable.   I operate on the
assumption that my customer today will be my customer in 10 years and that
he expects as good of value from what I do in 10 years as what I deliver

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> One the biggest factors holding our industry back is a lack of success
> on the part of the big poster children. People look at the past failures
> of WinStar and Teligent and wonder if new entrants can succeed. Many
> investors are watching FiberTower and NextLink to see if these new
> poster children can prove the business model.

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