Correct.  Any medium used to deliver broadband can be broken.  However,
frankly due to the fewer points of failure we typically see less downtime on
unlicensed wireless links than we do conventional LEC T1 circuits.  

Like many things it all comes down to the geographic area.  Would you expect
a hardline T1 or a wireless T1 to deliver better uptime in or near a
construction site?

Most SLA's I've read (and that we offer if required to do so) are largely
without teeth.  Sure if a client is down an entire day or days on end most
SLA's require some form of credit, but if a client was down for that long
wouldn't you offer the credit in some cases anyway?

Clients that have little threshold for pain due to downtime will quickly
realize they need redundancy.  I love the prospects that claim they have a
zero threshold for pain regarding downtime.  Oh ok, well then you'll need to
move all your stuff into a Co-Lo facility with multiple redundant power,
HVAC, upstreams etc, etc.  That typically is received with silence and they
come back down to Earth.

Bottom line is Internet is only going to become more important in everyday
life.  Five years ago loosing Internet access for a day wasn't the end of
the it can be, but those people know it and plan for it by
having backups in place.



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>Products that are best effort [snip product name]
>end up making guys like us look bad.

I'm confused how can anyone do better than "best effort" in unlicensed 
spectrum, regardless of manufacturer?

mks:  I agree with you here Rich.  I've always thought it silly to try to 
offer an SLA when using unlicensed gear.  People do it all of the time 
though.  Heck, it's silly with wires too, they get cut all of the time eh? 

mks:  Having said that, there are technologies that are allowed under the 
part-15 rules that are more or less robust than others.  Full duplex radios 
that transmit on one channel and receive on another are really really hard 
to take offline.  WiFi radios that must first have relatively clear air to 
transmit are also easy to take offline.

mks:  The current race out there, to which we're watching and arguing about 
with great gusto is to see who's technology is going to be the best long 
term.  Right now, were all arguing about which technology is best.  The 
truth of the matter is that they are all better than the other in the right 
conditions.  What I did here might not work for you and what you do might 
not work for the next guy.  That's part of why us consultants that are also 
wisps are so valuable, we get to see more real world stuff than most.

mks:  One thing I do know.  I'll keep watching threads like this.  I'll keep

trying new toys.  I'll keep making MY service better for my customers.  I'll

use the tools that work best today, for me.

>There is nothing worse than installing one day at 6Mbps and the next day
>getting a call saying they are getting something less than that.

If you have no allowance for even temporary interference, what short of a 
licensed channel can accomplish that?

mks:  Too true!  I just got a call from a gal that was upset that she was 
only uploading at 79k.  Come to find out she was using FTP not a web based 
mechanism.  Her test per her at 750 down 1400 up.  Sure I'd 
like to see it go even faster, but my God, what does she want for $40 per 


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