Butch Evans wrote:
On Thu, 28 Dec 2006, Jonathan Schmidt wrote:

been installed in very large cable operators. I'd be happy to talk off-line. It does scale smoothly from 1K to millions of subs.

There have been 2 people who've asked for some other detail on the list, and I'll add my name in the hat for that. With (now) 3 people asking for some detail, please provide a bit of detail onlist.

It is (I assume) a server (proxy?) of sorts. What platform does the server run on? Does it require specialized hardware? What is required to get it running on the client end? Is it a special application, or is it a browser plugin type thing?

I just want to know how much it cost. Offlist with the answer if you feel it's not for public viewing.

I might add, that I can't think of anyone who would not want to have this available to them.

Seems like Jonathan Schmidt has a winner!


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