Seriously, "wireless" technology keeps advancing faster than anyone's 
ability to educate the general public about what "wireless" is.

Steve Barnes wrote:
> I operate a Fixed Wireless ISP in a 1 county area in eastern Indiana.  I got 
> a call from a client this morning very upset that her internet was down.  My 
> secretary very nicely tried to help the client understand that we would help 
> figure out the problem but that we had not received any other calls from 
> other clients on the tower and that we would have a tech help her out.
> The tech gets on the phone and starts looking at the tower and the radio to 
> see that there is no issue and can even see that the ARP table shows a 
> connection to their router at the house.
> Tech: So my secretary says that your internet isn't working.
> Client: Right, it worked earlier today on this same laptop but now nothing.
> Tech:  Has anything changed today, power blink or anything that you are aware 
> of.
> Client: not that I know of.
> Tech: Have you gone through the process of rebooting the Radio and Router.
> Client: How am I supposed to do that.
> Tech: Just unplug the power to those two units.
> Client: I can't get to them right now.
> Tech: Oh I am sorry we must have installed them in a way that is 
> inaccessible, can you tell me how your laptop is hooked up wireless or via 
> the Ethernet cable.
> Client: Well its wireless at home and its wireless here in my car.
> Tech: Not that it's my business but why are you in your car.
> Client: I'm on my way to Chicago.
> Tech: So your not at home.
> Client: No, 75 miles from home.
> Tech: Do you have a wireless card from you cellular carrier.
> Client: No I have your service.  You guys said that if I bought a router I 
> could use it anywhere.
> Tech: Anywhere in your home.
> Client: What good will that do me in Chicago.
> Tech: I'm Sorry Our service is a Fixed Wireless internet service to your 
> location and the wireless router lets the signal go 300ft at the most.  That 
> is your service area. That's what you get for $39 a month.
> Client: That's really great that's not what I want.  How do I get a contract 
> that will cover the whole country.
> Tech: Verizon or sprint.
> Client: But I can't even use my cellophane at home the signal is so bad.
> Tech: It's a better signal then your router will be in Chicago.
> Steve Barnes
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