Hope Stewart wrote:
<p><strong>All correspondence should be addressed to:</strong><br />
The Secretary<br />
Your Club<br />
PO Box 999<br />
Anytown VIC 3000</p>
This may be a good case for an <address> tag:

<p>All correspondence should be addressed to:</p>
<span>The Secretary</span>
<span>Your Club</span>
<span>PO Box 999</span>
<span>Anytown VIC 3000</span>

It could be argued that instead of the <span>s, this is a rare case where the <br />'s are semantic. Also, an <hn> tag might be better here than the <p>.

Note: If this isn't contact information for the document, then the <address> tag would be incorrect.

Another option is:

<dt>All corr...</dt>
If I were to use an ordered list with list-style-type set to none, would
this be semantically correct?
The problem with using an ordered list is that it's not a list.
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