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> Tantek Celik talks about the <address> and <br /> tags in his Elements of
> Meaningful XHTML presentation at WE05 available here:
> http://www.odeo.com/audio/270419/view

I was present for Tantek's talk and I thought he said <address> was used
only for information about the author, not for various adddresses that might
be listed on a Contact Us page. I don't recall what he said about <br>. I'll
have to download the podcast and listen to it again -- it will be a
> My suggestion would be that <br /> is not necessary when the same visual
> effect can be achieved with <span> around each address item which is then
> style span{display:block} with CSS. Each span could have a semantically
> useful classname or you could look in to the hCard microformat:
> http://microformats.org/wiki/hcard

I considered using <span> but to me the code looks much cleaner and the css
has one less item by using <br />. (I like the less-is-more concept.)

Hope Stewart

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