<p><strong>All correspondence should be addressed to:</strong><br />
The Secretary<br />
Your Club<br />
PO Box 999<br />
Anytown VIC 3000</p>

How do others code an address? My feeling is that semantically it should
contained within one paragraph or entity of some sort. But if you were
a screen reader, how would you differentiate one line from the next?

I think that for any agent the semantic way to separate address lines would be using a comma at the end of each line as appropriate, which regardless of what mark-up was used would be interpreted correctly by screen readers. Doesn't this also apply to non-CSS agents too? I.e:

The Secretary,
Your Club,
PO Box 999,
Anytown VIC 3000.

Is just as semantically correct as

The Secretary, Your Club, PO Box 999, Antown VIC 3000.

Jon Tan

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