It's rather off-topic, but more to the point it's impossible, and your
main task at this point is to explain to your client why even trying to
do it is pointless and silly. If they can see the text, the text is on
their computer.

As Andrew said, either they want their information on the web or they

The well-known blogger Heather "Dooce" Armstrong tells a tale about a
client who wanted to do this once. She replied that yes, we could do
that and hey, while we're at it, we should also include some code in the
page to disable their printer!

The client thought that was a great idea.

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We have been asked by a client whether it is possible to any extent to 
prevent/deter users from copying content from a particular web page.

The page will comprise two main areas:

1) Selection options in the form of select lists, check boxes etc.

2) Once the criteria have been selected then a 'Search' button will 
initiate a script that will query the database and display resulting 
text records in tabular format.

The requirement is that the the user should be able to view the 
resulting output, but not to be able to copy/paste to other

Is this possible to achieve in a way that is standards-compliant - or 
indeed in any way at all? One suggestion has been to apply a transparent

image over the results table - but not sure if this could be done with 
CSS etc?

If this is considered off-topic then I would welcome suggestions for 
more appropriate forums.

Many thanks in anticipation.


Nick Roper
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