Nick Roper wrote:

> We have been asked by a client whether it is possible to any extent to
> prevent/deter users from copying content from a particular web page.

The best solution I can think of is to implement a policy to cover that
content. Either get the user to sign a non-disclosure agreement or set
this up electronically with a screen that has a check box to say the
user agrees to the non-disclousre policy before proceeding to view the
content - maybe the first time they log in. This way if they breach it
you have some legal recourse (maybe?). But importantly, they are made
aware of the seriousness regarding the use of the information and the
consequences of breaching the trust put in them.

You could add some javascript to popup some reminders on certain
keyboard actions etc that some users will see and some won't - I guess
it reminds them of the situation. And maybe add a small disclaimer to
the bottom of every page stating the terms & conditions.

Chris Knowles

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