hi all, I'm setting up convirt in a quite big environment.
all hypervisors have 3 interfaces (internal, external, managment). A
ssh server listens to internal interface (internal network) on port 22
and another ssh server listens to the managment network on another
port (managment network)
the console into I installed convirt has two interfaces (internal and managment)

I set up the console so that ssh key access is enabled to other
hypervisors and I can conect and manage remote hypervisors.

Now I have two probems:
1) I can not edit remote vm config file although I believe installed
all prerequsites as gnome vfs2. I can not find any log that says
something wrong
2) I can not see the console of hvm domUs although I installed vnc on
rempote hyps.

What shoud I check?

This is my convirt.conf

appliance_store = /var/cache/convirt/appliance_store
snapshots_dir =
updates_file = /var/cache/convirt/updates.xml
exec_path = $PATH:/usr/sbin/
disks_dir =
log_dir = /var/log/convirt
image_store = /var/cache/convirt/image_store
snapshot_file_ext = .snapshot.xm
cache_dir = /var/cache/convirt
xenconf_dir = /etc/xen

platform = xen
ssh_port = 24
use_keys = True
hostname = hyp02
migration_port = 8002
xen_protocol = ssh_tunnel
xen_port = 8006
address = hyp02
is_remote = True
login = root
vms = []

[other hyps configuration]

images = {'9b490328ad2faaad00f7e53631f75eff': {'platform': 'xen',
'is_template': True, 'location':
'/var/cache/convirt/image_store/_template_', 'id':
'9b490328ad2faaad00f7e53631f75eff', 'name': '_template_'},
'b9f757ef19683043b5c6cb8bd88b0577': {'platform': 'xen', 'is_template':
False, 'location': '/var/cache/convirt/image_store/Linux_CD_Install',
'id': 'b9f757ef19683043b5c6cb8bd88b0577', 'name': 'Linux_CD_Install'},
'5ac3ed0a23fc4716c4f354ecf5c737df': {'platform': 'xen', 'is_template':
False, 'location':
'/var/cache/convirt/image_store/Windows_CD_Install', 'id':
'5ac3ed0a23fc4716c4f354ecf5c737df', 'name': 'Windows_CD_Install'},
'1d33155a63866aaabd22b59540f9c122': {'platform': 'xen', 'is_template':
False, 'location': '/var/cache/convirt/image_store/Fedora_PV_Install',
'id': '1d33155a63866aaabd22b59540f9c122', 'name':
'Fedora_PV_Install'}, 'f939d4d024dc3382432cbb69ad27be24': {'platform':
'xen', 'is_template': False, 'location':
'/var/cache/convirt/image_store/CentOS_PV_Install', 'id':
'f939d4d024dc3382432cbb69ad27be24', 'name': 'CentOS_PV_Install'}}
ref_update_time = 2008-07-29 17:30:00
groups = {'Desktops': {'name': 'Desktops', 'node_list': [],
'settings': {}}, 'QA Lab': {'name': 'QA Lab', 'node_list': [],
'settings': {}}, 'Servers': {'name': 'Servers', 'node_list': [],
'settings': {}}}
image_groups = {'32f963c2b76cc9e630817df146ce8f20': {'image_ids':
'f939d4d024dc3382432cbb69ad27be24'], 'id':
'32f963c2b76cc9e630817df146ce8f20', 'name': 'General'}}


platform = xen
ssh_port = 22
migration_port = 8002
hostname = localhost
use_keys = True
xen_protocol = ssh_tunnel
xen_port = 8006
address = localhost
is_remote = False
login = root
vms = []

log_file = convirt.log
paramiko_log_file = paramiko.log
html_browser = /usr/bin/yelp
check_updates_on_startup = True
enable_log = True
enable_paramiko_log = False


Marco Strullato

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