On Tue, 18 Oct 2016 16:50:43 +0100, caligaris wrote:
>For the ones that have been talking about Gnome apps breaking your 
>theme, that will soon change. XFCE 4.14 is moving towards GTK3 and 
>Xubuntu 16.10 is already shipping with some xfce 4.14 plugins. By then 
>most XFCE themes should move to gtk3 as well.

GTK3 >= 3.20 does break a lot of themes and other things, but even
non-GNOME GTK3 apps usually do use the Window title bar and provide a
menu bar, too. What Dan doesn't like is not a GTK2 vs GTK3 issue, it's
an issue related to GNOME only.


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