It's been a few months of silence but in the past two weeks have finally
been able get something done in XZ Utils.

I have committed support for translated man pages. Notes:

  - po4a is never needed when building from a release tarball.

  - po4a is needed to build xz.git if one wants translated man
    pages. If po4a is missing, building will still work normally
    without translated man pages.

  - po4a/xz-man.pot, po4a/*.po, and the translated output in
    po4a/man/$lang are updated by running po4a/update-po. It is
    only run automatically by autogen.sh and "make mydist" (which
    I use to create the release tarballs). Running "make" never
    runs po4a/update-po.

  - To add a new translation, see the comment in po4a/po4a.conf.
    The extra po4a options like unknown_macros=untranslated aren't
    needed in XZ Utils.

  - It is OK if only some man pages are available for a language.
    Symlinks like unxz.1 -> xz.1 are created if and only if the
    target man page exists for the language.

  - The translated man pages aren't installed if --disable-nls is used.

  - README wasn't updated yet to mention that man pages can be

The German translation wasn't committed yet as po.de says this:

    This file is distributed under the same license as the
    manpages-de package.

Which hopefully is trivial to change. :-)

The v5.2 branch should be very close to what XZ Utils 5.2.5 release
will look like. The mess with new/updated translations needs to be
sorted out to some extent, and then I can write NEWS and release a new

If you wish the German man page translation to be part of 5.2.5, it
could be good to test that "make DESTDIR=something install" also works
on something else than GNU/Linux (the scripting for those details is
ugly). The test should be done so that there are translated man pages
available in the po4a/man directory, e.g. by using de.po from the first
post of this thread.

Lasse Collin  |  IRC: Larhzu @ IRCnet & Freenode

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