On 2020-02-12 Mario Blättermann wrote:
> Lasse Collin <lasse.col...@tukaani.org> schrieb am Fr., 7. Feb. 2020,
> 15:32:
> >   - po4a is never needed when building from a release tarball.
> This means, distribution packagers don't have to bother with po4a,
> and the translated man pages will be installed automatically (unless
> DISABLE_NLS) is set...?


> >     The extra po4a options like unknown_macros=untranslated aren't
> >     needed in XZ Utils.
> Not for now, but with this options it is better because po4a changes
> its behavior from time to time. Keeping the options would be safer.

Hmmm, I don't know what kind of behavior changes po4a may have (or has
had), so I may be missing something important. My thinking was:

  - groff_code=verbatim affects .de, .ie, and .if. These must be
    avoided anyway so getting an error from these is a good thing.

  - unknown_macros=untranslated: I hope that once po4a understands a
    macro, future versions will understand it too. Since there are no
    macros unknown to po4a now, I would like to get an error if I added
    such a macro.

  - untranslated="a.RE,\|": I don't understand this. It sounds like
    that certain macros shouldn't be translated but it made no
    difference with xz man pages. So perhaps it was useful where this
    line was copied.

I can understand if unknown_macros=untranslated is needed for
compatibility with old po4a versions, so it can be added if needed,
although I would prefer the default pedantic behavior myself.

> >   - README wasn't updated yet to mention that man pages can be
> >     translated.
> After the new TP domain has been created (see below), you should add
> a hint there.

I will.

> The German translation wasn't committed yet as po.de says this:
> >
> >     This file is distributed under the same license as the
> >     manpages-de package.
> >
> > Which hopefully is trivial to change. :-)
> No problem, as the one and only author of the translation, I can
> change the license to whatever you want.

The original is public domain so that is somewhat preferred. If you
prefer a permissive license it's OK to me, it just needs to be
mentioned in the file COPYING too. Man page translation is a large
amount of work after all.

> > If you wish the German man page translation to be part of 5.2.5, it
> > could be good to test that "make DESTDIR=something install" also
> > works on something else than GNU/Linux (the scripting for those
> > details is ugly). The test should be done so that there are
> > translated man pages available in the po4a/man directory, e.g. by
> > using de.po from the first post of this thread.
> I will test it next weekend, but I only use GNU/Linux, I don't have MS
> Windows, BSD, macOS or anything else.

Thanks. While testing on GNU/Linux is useful still, trying on some *BSD
or other POSIX system would be needed in case the makefile or shell
scripting has portability issues. Perhaps someone else can try it.

It should work fine even when --program-prefix=foo- or such configure
options are used to get foo-xz, foo-unxz and so on. "make
DESTDIR=something uninstall" should work too, although I guess the
uninstall part is practically never needed.

The uninstall code can remove more files than the install part
installs: if the package included German xz.1 but not German xzdec.1,
the uninstall target will still remove both if they exist. It's a minor
bug that I think is OK to leave unfixed.

> BTW, what about to create a pre-release tarball which contains an
> up-to-date *.pot file for the man pages and send it to the TP
> coordinator?

For 5.2.5, the non-GNU/Linux testing should be done first. Anything
else than German probably won't happen quickly enough to hit 5.2.5, and
I suppose you can run ./po4a/update-po from xz.git to get xz-man.pot.

For the development branch, maybe once 5.2.5 is done. I will do it at
least when there is new code for --help. With good luck that doesn't
take too long to happen.

> And moreover, maybe there are some changes since I've worked on the
> German translation? Not in the content itself, but sometimes newer
> versions of po4a introduce some other formatting.

There is a tiny amount of content changed/added.

> But regarding new translations: don't expect too much.

I don't expect anything. The German translation was a big surprise

> You don't have to wait a long time for new translations; as a rule of
> thumb, you can sync the po files from TP with your Git two weeks
> after publishing the pre-release tarball. And if new po files come in
> somewhat later, they are a good basis for the next release of xz.

OK. :-)

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