Just to let you know, I've successfully synced a bunch of "backdated" items
(I use SyncTogether). Both libraries contained a large set of notes I
imported last year (so all the Yojimbo items were considered created in Nov
2006). On one machine I used my backdate items script to restore their
original creation dates, ranging back to 1996. After synchronization, the
other machine now shows these dates as well.


> wow, jim, this is awesome. i'll try it later this evening.
> thanks!!
> ------------------------------
> On May 9, 2007, at 12:25pm, Jim DeVona wrote:
> > On 5/9/07, Jim DeVona <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> >
> >> > the more i think about this issue, i realize that there are many
> >> > documents i will need to change. in fact, for me, it will be
> >> > essentially every document that i import.... as such, going
> >> forward,
> >> > it's going to be quite a bit of extra work to manually change the
> >> > dates of each document that i import.
> >>
> >> True. This script is best suited to making a few isolated
> >> corrections.
> >>
> >> Ideally, you'd like each newly imported Yojimbo item to inherit the
> >> creation and modification dates of the Finder file it was imported
> >> from, correct? I think it would be feasible to write an import script
> >> that uses this script's code to automatically adjust the date of each
> >> imported item.
> >
> > Here it is:
> >
> > When you run the script, it'll present a file browser. Choose the
> > files you want to import. They'll be automatically "backdated" with
> > the creation and modification dates of the actual files after they're
> > imported. (As with the other script, you'll still need to restart
> > Yojimbo before the corrected dates are visible.)
> >
> > Based on a bit more testing it seems that it is safe to edit backdated
> > items before restarting Yojimbo. The modification date will be
> > changed, of course, but the creation date will be untouched.
> > Nevertheless, I still feel obliged to warn that these scripts use
> > unsanctioned methods to do their deeds!
> >
> > Let me know how it goes.
> > Jim

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