thanks, jim. i really appreciate this.

the more i think about this issue, i realize that there are many documents i will need to change. in fact, for me, it will be essentially every document that i import.... as such, going forward, it's going to be quite a bit of extra work to manually change the dates of each document that i import.

so, to the yojimbo developers: will you consider adding, as a preference, the ability to inherit the creation dates of imported documents?


On May 7, 2007, at 8:48pm, Jim DeVona wrote:


hence, request #1: the ability to edit the creation and modification

IMHO, registering the date of *import*, as if it were the date of
creation, is simply incorrect. (the date that a pre-existing document
was imported into yojimbo seems completely irrelevant to me, as
opposed to, say, a note that is actually created within yojimbo.)

Hi, folks. I've written a little script to address this idea. It's an
AppleScript called "Backdate Items" that modifies item timestamps
directly in Yojimbo's database. Needless to say, this is an
inadvisably sneaky solution. However, if you'd really like to change
some item creation dates, you may consider it worth the risk.

The script and instructions how to use it are provided at that page.
Note that you do have to restart Yojimbo before timestamp changes are
visible in the program. Again, I can make no guarantees that this
won't cause problems now or in the future (especially with syncing,
which I haven't tested yet). With that in mind, I welcome your
feedback. I've been using it to backdate some of those compositions I
mentioned earlier and everything appears to be working fine.

Be well,

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