On 6 May 2007, at 15:21, tedd wrote:

But from experience, programmers think about the data and not necessarily how user will use it -- that's why GUI is like a new (anything that is less than 20 years old is new to me) science to programming. First, solve the problem and then make it easy for the user. Sometimes there's a disconnect between how the user is going to use the data and how the programmer expects the data to be used -- that's a fact -- I've been there too many times myself to claim any different.

All fair enough, although I'd argue that these sort of issues should be thrashed out in the initial design process by Information Architects and Interface Designers in consultation with Programmers (and by reference to appropriate user research) - of course there is overlap in these roles but just to point out that this is not something that should be an issue for a programmers alone in a well resourced software house. This is why a good design process is so important, programmers in my experience rarely make great user interface designers (and I include in this the overall feature set and interaction principles, not just the GUI look and feel), of course there are exceptions like the Dave Watanabes of the world, but as a general rule you get the point!

Anyway, I feel we're drifting off-topic… ;o)

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