thanks, jim. i really appreciate this.

No problem. After thinking about it a bit I realized it was something
I could use myself.

the more i think about this issue, i realize that there are many
documents i will need to change. in fact, for me, it will be
essentially every document that i import.... as such, going forward,
it's going to be quite a bit of extra work to manually change the
dates of each document that i import.

True. This script is best suited to making a few isolated corrections.

Ideally, you'd like each newly imported Yojimbo item to inherit the
creation and modification dates of the Finder file it was imported
from, correct? I think it would be feasible to write an import script
that uses this script's code to automatically adjust the date of each
imported item.

so, to the yojimbo developers: will you consider adding, as a
preference, the ability to inherit the creation dates of imported

If there's any indication that this is in the pipeline, I won't bother
writing another script.

Anyway, I did issue a minor update to the script yesterday that just
performs a bit more validation on the format of the date text you


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