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> the more i think about this issue, i realize that there are many
> documents i will need to change. in fact, for me, it will be
> essentially every document that i import.... as such, going forward,
> it's going to be quite a bit of extra work to manually change the
> dates of each document that i import.

True. This script is best suited to making a few isolated corrections.

Ideally, you'd like each newly imported Yojimbo item to inherit the
creation and modification dates of the Finder file it was imported
from, correct? I think it would be feasible to write an import script
that uses this script's code to automatically adjust the date of each
imported item.

Here it is: http://anoved.net/2007/05/backdate-yojimbo-import.html

When you run the script, it'll present a file browser. Choose the
files you want to import. They'll be automatically "backdated" with
the creation and modification dates of the actual files after they're
imported. (As with the other script, you'll still need to restart
Yojimbo before the corrected dates are visible.)

Based on a bit more testing it seems that it is safe to edit backdated
items before restarting Yojimbo. The modification date will be
changed, of course, but the creation date will be untouched.
Nevertheless, I still feel obliged to warn that these scripts use
unsanctioned methods to do their deeds!

Let me know how it goes.

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