I think it could be Yahoo. I haven’t noticed anything this week but starting in early November I noticed some list mail from this and another yahoo group being delayed by up to a day for personal delivery. Test mails sent from one of my other accounts always came right in on time. I’ve been using yahoo groups from almost when they started it and they have always had intermittent problems like this. The best thing to do is read directly from the website if you want to get faster delivery. Unfortunately it’s sometimes the opposite problem where I send one from my email client and it takes a long time to get to yahoo. The solution there is to post from the website but I need my spell checker. Anyway these problems always seem to get worked out after a while. Yahoo groups as a whole is a huge network with a tremendous volume of traffic and I think glitches are just normal. Plus it’s free ;-)


Jim L

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Subject: [Zappa-List] Message delays - was VO: 1967 & 1969 - FLAC & SHN formats


Greetings Nick,

I would be not pleased if messages took 2 days to reach my inbox too. Yes, the technology is failing you...

I'm curious regarding a couple of things: how many others have this same trouble (not the occasional message out of order, but the repeated and unacceptable delays with individual emails - a 2-day lag is outrageous), and what have they done (if anything) to rectify the issue with Yahoo, or their server - as, it seems to me, that's where the trouble lies? I'm the first to say Yahoo sucks, so don't think I'm defending then; I've not experienced the trouble you're having.

The lineage method we employ was set up in response to numerous complaints about the "Old Way" to which you wish to return. I care not how it's done; I'm rarely involved in them anyway, and don't mind waiting when I am. My concern is how many are effected; more than those who had an issue with the old way?

Remember Kids, it's your group - not mine. I merely attempt to keep as many members happy as I can...



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From: Nick Ullmann

Sent: Wednesday, December 14, 2005 1:11 AM

Subject: Re: [Zappa-List] Re: VO: 1967 & 1969 - FLAC & SHN formats


Hi, John, Hi all!

I have just received this message - almost two days after it was sent: I
think the system of lineages although good in principle fails us here. In my
view we should go back to what the other groups are doing - offer up each
time rather than depending on a lineage.
No, I don't want to go the message board all the time - where there are
unexplained delays as well anyway. (What's the point of individual e-mails
to memberw then anyway)
Sorry the technology fails us here and has already caused unnecessary
arguments, Sofa,

   my two euro cents and, as always,

                        Kind Regards, nick

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To: Zappa-List@yahoogroups.com
Subject: Re: [Zappa-List] Re: VO: 1967 & 1969 - FLAC & SHN formats
Date: Mon, 12 Dec 2005 10:55:29 -0500

I'll take a copy - Thierry, thanks for offering.
Neil, I'll send my address.


Thierry ? FR << Neil(UK) << JohnK - USA <<

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Subject: [Zappa-List] Re: VO: 1967 & 1969 - FLAC & SHN formats

Sounds good to me Thierry. I'll send you my postal address off list.

Thierry ? FR << Neil(UK)


--- In Zappa-List@yahoogroups.com, "thierry barbier" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]...>
 > Thierry ? FR <<
 > Hi everybody
 > I received from a friend of mine these  4 concerts from the good old
 > days on 2 CDs in lossless format ( FLAC & SHN ), the sound quality
 > is rather good for this era.
 > I want now to offer this vine to the list as a sort of Xmas gift.
 > Please, add your name and enjoy.
 > Holiday greetings
 > Thierry
 > 30-Sep 1967, Konserthuset, Stockholm, Sweden
 > 40 min, FM, A-
 > You Didn't Try To Call Me, Petrouska (Stravinsky), Bristol Stomp
 > (Appel-Mann), Baby Love (Supremes), Big Leg Emma, No Matter What You
 > Do (Tchaikovsky's 6th), Blue Suede Shoes, Hound Dog, Gee, King Kong,
 > It Can't Happen Here
 > 2-Oct 1967, Olympen, Lund, Sweden
 > 26 min, Aud, B+
 > No Matter What You Do, Blue Suede Shoes, Hound Dog, Gee (incl. Duke
 > Of Earl), Duke Of Earl, Orange County Lumber Truck Medley
 > 8-Aug 1969, Carousel Theatre, Framingham, MA
 > 25 min, SBD, A-
 > The String Quartet, Bacon Fat
 > 10-Aug 1969, Warrensville Heights Music Festival, OH
 > 55 min, Stage?, B+
 > Drum Solo, Some Ballet Music, Right There, FZ explains program
 > music, String Quartet, Jam, In The Sky, Jam (incl. Chunga's Revenge
 > chords)

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