Hi, Sofa,
**Hey Nick!

No, it's no big thing [x] Where the technical fault lies I don't know, but the message board advice is probably best, [x] I personally dislike having to go from place to another.
**I am with you there, my friend. I upgraded my modem recently (I use sbc-yahoo, unfortunately), and have had to do flips and twists to keep up with all of my groups - yahoo wouldn't let me combine all of my info into one account, so I have to toggle between 2 and it's a huge pain in the ass...

But no, keep it as it is, noone else is complaining, so there is no reason
to change it - it was merely a suggestion of mine.
**And one worthy of consideration, IMO. SteveM, another member I respect, liked the old way better too; so you're not alone. "The Powers" around here - such as they are - are looking into this matter; maybe we'll be able to fine tune something from this...

If I had a moan, it'ld be with the length of time vines take to get from one
member to another [x]
**Another legitimate concern - one that can't be legislated. We have to trust all to be conscientious, for what it's worth.
Anyway thanks for your interest, Sofa,
Kind Regards, nick
**My pleasure to serve you all, Nick! Never hesitate to express a concern about the List; we do are best, but we all can learn...

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