I’ll let others comment on the rest. Vines are a way of sharing recordings of live shows. Many if not all of FZ’s shows were recorded by not only audience members. Well mixed and engineered sound board recordings exist as well. While most are kept in a vault by the Zappa family, many have been leaked out over the years. A fair sized trickle in just the last few years. Never to be sold they are shared freely among the fans. The term vine refers to one method where the original disk is passed around and copied. You can get exact details of how we do it here in the faq



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Hey folks, have been a fan since the seventh grade (1969)when I
traded John Lennon's Life With The Lions for FZ's Absolutely Free.
Have been a hard core fan since. Only got to see Frank live five
times (six, if you count the two back to back shows on one night)
when I came of age in Austin,Texas. Regretfully, never saw him with
Ian Underwood.
I am finally buying Zappa on CD and am dividing my purchases between
classics and the flood of posthumous work coming from Ryko etc.
Here's my 1st question- I bought the Lather box set. When playing it
on my PC, often the titles appearing are not actually those playing.
Is this an FZ joke from the grave? I remember when first obtaining
Absolutely Free on vinyl, experiencing my frustration in that the
grooves that usually separated the tracks were offset making it
impossible to start a compostion on cue- later on I would laugh
thinking this was FZ's way of fucking with the DJs and making you
listen to his work by the side/concept rather than by the single.
Question 2- Anybody know of any interesting sources for Ian
Underwood or Don Preston? I have been to Don's site, emailing himn
from there has provoked no response. I would like to order some of
his and Bunk Gardners CDs but do not want to send money if the
operation is defunct.
Question 3- what is a vine?
Question 4- any Varese fan's out there? I see on Overstock.com that
there will be a Varese biography available there soon.

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