I wonder what I have that I've forgotten. I was just going through my CD's and came across some Varese on CD that I forgot I had. It is on Vanguard and includes Ameriques, Nocturnal and Equatorial. Have to see what else I've forgotten....
I picked up an interesting disc from Half-Price Books called Picantique. Definately recommend it if you haven't
heard it. I disposed of my vinyl years ago, but I seem to remember Ameriques
featuring the horns- the composition was written to express Varese'
first impressions of America as an immigrant. Poeme is electronic in
origin. Am waiting as we communicate for my latest shipment of CDs
from Overstock.com. One of them is Varese with Americques on it. I
noticed a few days ago that they added another Varese featuring more
of the compositions we have discussed.

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