Stanislav Brabec wrote:
> Andrea Adami wrote:
> > I can confirm that touchscreen 'works' again on corgi(C860) and poodle.
> Well, I cannot. My OE image is broken again. That is why I copied my old
> good 2.6.26RP image to the new OE image (plus odev-compat stuff), and I
> was surprised - touchscreen does not work there as well. So it is
> definitely issue outside kernel.

I just found a source of the tslib problem:
See tslib-1.0/plugins/input-raw.c

(ioctl(ts->fd, EVIOCGVERSION, &version) >= 0) &&
(version == EV_VERSION) &&

version = 65536, EV_VERSION = 65537
^ when started   ^ when compiled

So tslib must be compiled with a linux-libc-headers version compatible
with the kernel actually running.

It looks safe to comment out these two lines - "cross" compiled tslib
does not crash.

Stanislav Brabec

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