> > > In general, defconfig in OE is very poor (missing support for some parts
> > > of the hardware and many important USB devices).
> > >
> > > Here are my configs:
> > > http://www.penguin.cz/~utx/zaurus/feed/images/spitz/
> > > (My fresh configs will always appear here after some testing.)
> > 
> > sorry to hear that...I'm trying to follow the abandoned models an did
> > not test the producton kernel enough, only the kexecboot version (and
> > that's not too bad ;)
> Yes, with exception of charging, battery discharging during suspend and
> the missing HDD LED support, works well. I got WLAN working,

On recent vanilla kernels, I noticed CF card is still powered up
during suspend (it has a LED...).

Additional thing... if machine is suspended, then plugged into AC
power, it apparently dies.
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