> In general, defconfig in OE is very poor (missing support for some parts
> of the hardware and many important USB devices).
> Here are my configs:
> http://www.penguin.cz/~utx/zaurus/feed/images/spitz/
> (My fresh configs will always appear here after some testing.)

sorry to hear that...I'm trying to follow the abandoned models an did
not test the producton kernel enough, only the kexecboot version (and
that's not too bad ;)
please post/commit the shrinked defconfig (make savedefconfig): I'm
trying to keep all the Zaurus in sync and that's much easier to diff.
FWIW USB-host is only for spitz/akita/tosa, though.

> Regarding the missing sound:
> This is just an easy bug in the kernel platform tables - udev does not
> know that it should load snd-soc-spitz. Loading it manually works-around
> the problem.
Pls check machine/include/zaurus.inc
Are you sure we have the right modules configuration (btw it's a mess in OE)?
I just copied the lines from linux-rp.inc...



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