Andrea Adami wrote:
> > In general, defconfig in OE is very poor (missing support for some parts
> > of the hardware and many important USB devices).
> >
> > Here are my configs:
> >
> > (My fresh configs will always appear here after some testing.)
> sorry to hear that...I'm trying to follow the abandoned models an did
> not test the producton kernel enough, only the kexecboot version (and
> that's not too bad ;)

Yes, with exception of charging, battery discharging during suspend and
the missing HDD LED support, works well. I got WLAN working,
Bluetooth works, even tslib started to work again for unknown reason,
Xfbdev works, Xorg works (but it is unusable due to very noisy ADS7846
driver and broken xf86-driver-input-tslib).

Regarding the defconfig and spitz embedded hardware, the driver for
ICL7106A and PXA RTC were missing or not loaded. I don't know about
sound (I found the fix sent to the list with my kernel).

I have maintained my experimental configs separately since 2.6.26-RP. It
diverged a lot. I am not sure about effect of many generic kernel
settings. Which one is better and which one is worse...

I'll compare your one and my one.

For example, yesterday I have found an option, that considers SD card
removal/insertion during suspend (MMC_UNSAFE_RESUME). It would be nice
to have this option disabled. But it makes impossible to suspend when
booting from SD. (Work-around: While booting from SD, bootloader have to
pass proper "removable" value to the kernel MMC driver (I did not test
it yet).

> please post/commit the shrinked defconfig (make savedefconfig): I'm
> trying to keep all the Zaurus in sync and that's much easier to diff.

Thanks for the hint.

> FWIW USB-host is only for spitz/akita/tosa, though.

Yes, it is. But USB host is very important for many users (like me).

Your config lacks many useful external USB devices support:
- USB HCI - required for any generic USB Bluetooth dongle.
- More WLAN drivers (my WLAN dongle is RT3070 and it is one of few
  dongles, that is able to live with 150mA. People using external power
  or power hack may need other WLAN USB drivers).
- USB to serial adapters are needed not only for serial cables, but also
  for many other devices (GPS, Arduino,...).
- I don't have any Ethernet adapters, but people have.
- Guessing whether somebody needs more obscure drivers like special USB
  keyboards, SDIO GPS.

> > Regarding the missing sound:
> >
> > This is just an easy bug in the kernel platform tables - udev does not
> > know that it should load snd-soc-spitz. Loading it manually works-around
> > the problem.
> >
> Pls check machine/include/
> Are you sure we have the right modules configuration (btw it's a mess in OE)?
> I just copied the lines from

Yes, it seems that we have right modules. Just snd-soc-spitz is not
autoloaded after the boot (it happened with 2.6.26-RP). I see loaded
snd-soc-pxa2xx-i2s (required for the I2S bus) and snd-soc-wm8750 (codec
driver), but not snd-soc-spitz (it defines Spitz sound routing and
controls additional mute transistors).

Is the current OE still using module autoload? Or was this moved to udev
and platform device tables? I the latter case the fix should be done in
the kernel.

Stanislav Brabec

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