Stanislav Brabec wrote:
> Pavel Machek wrote:
> > BTW online charging does not work _at all_. Connected with empty
> > battery to (hopefully good) power supply at 10pm, battery was still
> > empty at 7am :-(.
> Well, I guess I have seen charging LED on while online. So maybe
> measurement may be broken.

There is still the ugly race caused by drivers/hwmon/max1111.c
define the_max1111 and do anything with it

This is definitely bad approach. sharpsl_pm.c cannot access max1111 in
this way - spi may be sleeping or not initialized yet. Errors of
max1111_read() are still sometimes even visible in the suspend log.

> > > > > - HDD LED seems to not work.
> > > > Hdd not yet tested
> > > 
> > > HDD works, just the LED does not. Tested with the OE kernel. I'll retry
> > > with my custom .config file. It also enables more USB drivers.
> > 
> > I'm using old driver, LED works there. What do I need to change to get
> > new one?
> Confirming - CF as hda controls LED, CF as sda does not.

Well, there are two bugs:

The easier one - the LED trigger is not set the LED trigger (could be
worked around from sysfs).

The more complicated one - the "nand-disk" trigger does nothing with

In general, defconfig in OE is very poor (missing support for some parts
of the hardware and many important USB devices).

Here are my configs:
(My fresh configs will always appear here after some testing.)

Further bugs found:
ISL6271A driver does not work:
print_constraints: vcc_core range: 850 <--> 1600 mV at 1350 mV 
print_constraints: vcc_core range: 1100 mV 
isl6271a 1-000c: Failed to set supply vcc_core
isl6271a 1-000c: failed to register isl6271a
isl6271a: probe of 1-000c failed with error -16
and later
ads7846 spi2.0: unable to get regulator: -19

Regarding the missing sound:

This is just an easy bug in the kernel platform tables - udev does not
know that it should load snd-soc-spitz. Loading it manually works-around
the problem.

Regarding the kernel panic while booting from SD with a weak power
supply: I tried to reproduce them, no success yet (maybe the serial
cable provides a bit of copper and makes the power supply a bit more

Stanislav Brabec

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