> > > I just tested the latest angstrom image (built by myself).
> > >
> > > I seen following regressions in comparison with 2.6.26:
> > >
> > > - While booting from SD card, I seen kernel panic several times, but did
> > > not have serial cable attached. I am not able to reproduce it any more,
> > > even if I try to do the same. I only remember mmc_blk_issue_rw_rq at the
> > > end of the screen. Did anybody else seen it.
> > >
> > Usually issues only booting from CF. IIRC spitz crashes on first
> > reboot after kernel flashing if power cable is attached ??
> Well, my home built USB cable to 500mA USB was attached. I tested it
> later on battery or original power supply. Yes, it may be a reason of
> these crashes. I'll retry with the weak USB power plug. (I never seen
> weak-power-supply-crash with 2.6.26-RP).

Yes, it is probably software problem.

BTW online charging does not work _at all_. Connected with empty
battery to (hopefully good) power supply at 10pm, battery was still
empty at 7am :-(.

> > > - HDD LED seems to not work.
> > Hdd not yet tested
> HDD works, just the LED does not. Tested with the OE kernel. I'll retry
> with my custom .config file. It also enables more USB drivers.

I'm using old driver, LED works there. What do I need to change to get
new one?

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