So.. I would have been able to post the U5 set like 4 hrs ago, but 
there is this one rediculous case that is taking it forever to 

U-Orientation, CP is diagonal, EP is 4E-circular, turnmask 777.

Over 4.5 hrs for just one ZBLL alg has got to be a record.

I have yet to find a way to have multiple computers work on the same 
input line at the same time to cut the time up. I have a friend that 
specializes in converting code into something parallel-processing 
capable. I should see if he can help me.

Anyways, it's 6:30am here, I'm bored with insomnia. Also one of my 
computers is busted, not really..., but just many times slower than 
my new one, so it's not worth using anymore. 3 COLLs in 1.5 days 
isn't too bad right? That leaves 20 categories, times 12 hrs per 
category (conservatively factoring in various down-times)... so 10 
days. Still I gotta pump up the throughput at some point.

There's a lot of down-time, like for now, I have 2 computers not 
doing anything... should just start the U6 cases. That would require 
me to make the input file though, and I can't be bothered with that 
right now.

Just wanted to check in. I want to look at the U2 cases myself 
(Chris is working on them too, and we have been discussing specific 
U2 algs for a couple weeks). One of you can do the U3/U4 if you have 

I'll post the U5 ASAP. It seems that with 12 cases in U3 to look 
through we should be busy for a while anyhow. My goal is to take 
care of the distributed commputing workload.

Now since that leaves room for a break to skip elsewhere, feel free 
to post input lines for regions of ZB your working on and I'll get 
on it over the weekend. (This is for those of you out there with 
slow computers and a lot of cases to run.)

If nobody asks me to do anything, I'm going to run the the Diagonal 
H-Orientation cases that Gilles is working on. It should give him 
more raw data to work with.


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