Got up noticed that 1 computer finally finished all the U5 cases. So 
I posted them.

that wasn't the orignal idea, if it hadn't been for one case taking 
7 hrs to do, I would have had it out there already. I have two 
coputers going at it. One does all the 431 then 777; the other does 
all the 777 then the 431. Hopefully they meet int he middle 
somewhere and I can merge the results together and post in 2/3 the 
time (one machine is faster). But I fell asleep so one did all the 
work after I stopped the other one, since there was only one case 

I started running the U6 on two computers this way. 7 cases there, 
so 14 runs. They should meet in the middle in 4 hrs or so.

Do note however that U6 and T6 cases are inverse of each other... 
running these seems a little redundent, but I think Chris wants me 
to do them anyways.

With U-Orientation done, I'll go back and re-do U1 and all the T 
cases just to have them in case we need them and for completeness 

I have one more final exam left. Hopefully then I can start posting 
H1 alg, followed by some U2, some Pi1, some S1.... in that order...


--- In, "Doug Lee" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> So.. I would have been able to post the U5 set like 4 hrs ago, but 
> there is this one rediculous case that is taking it forever to 
> genrerate.
> U-Orientation, CP is diagonal, EP is 4E-circular, turnmask 777.
> Over 4.5 hrs for just one ZBLL alg has got to be a record.
> I have yet to find a way to have multiple computers work on the 
> input line at the same time to cut the time up. I have a friend 
> specializes in converting code into something parallel-processing 
> capable. I should see if he can help me.
> Anyways, it's 6:30am here, I'm bored with insomnia. Also one of my 
> computers is busted, not really..., but just many times slower 
> my new one, so it's not worth using anymore. 3 COLLs in 1.5 days 
> isn't too bad right? That leaves 20 categories, times 12 hrs per 
> category (conservatively factoring in various down-times)... so 10 
> days. Still I gotta pump up the throughput at some point.
> There's a lot of down-time, like for now, I have 2 computers not 
> doing anything... should just start the U6 cases. That would 
> me to make the input file though, and I can't be bothered with 
> right now.
> Just wanted to check in. I want to look at the U2 cases myself 
> (Chris is working on them too, and we have been discussing 
> U2 algs for a couple weeks). One of you can do the U3/U4 if you 
> time.
> I'll post the U5 ASAP. It seems that with 12 cases in U3 to look 
> through we should be busy for a while anyhow. My goal is to take 
> care of the distributed commputing workload.
> Now since that leaves room for a break to skip elsewhere, feel 
> to post input lines for regions of ZB your working on and I'll get 
> on it over the weekend. (This is for those of you out there with 
> slow computers and a lot of cases to run.)
> If nobody asks me to do anything, I'm going to run the the 
> H-Orientation cases that Gilles is working on. It should give him 
> more raw data to work with.
> -Doug

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