Brand: Linksys
Retail name:
Linksys Wireless-G USB Network Adapter with Wi-Fi Finder

Model No (from back of the stick): WUSBF54G v1.1
Model No (from box): WUSBF54G-EU
IC: 3839A-WUSBF54G

Usb id:
{USB_DEVICE(0x13b1, 0x0024), .driver_info = DEVICE_ZD1211B} 

chip id string:
zd1211rw 3-2:1.0: zd1211b chip 13b1:0024 v4802 high 00-14-bf AL2230_RF
pa0 ----

Tested successfully with zd1211rw snapshot of 2006-12-14,
on kernel 2.6.19-7.

/Henrik Hjelte

On Sat, 2006-12-16 at 11:20 -0500, Daniel Drake wrote:
> Henrik Hjelte wrote:
> > Thanks,
> > it works now!
> > I had to set the essid with sudo iwconfig set essid MyWlanName. 
> > Then do a sudo dhclient to get a dhcp connection.
> > Perhaps not surprising, but:
> > 
> > Previously this was made automatically by a configuration option
> > wireless-essid in /etc/network/interfaces, but it doesn't seem to have
> > an effect with the zd1211rw driver. Also I have specified 
> > iface eth1 inet dhcp, but that doesn't seem to do it.
> This is a bug in your distro, not in the driver. The driver has nothing 
> to do with that file and infact that configuration format is 
> distro-specific.
> > Also I have problems with starting the driver automatically at startup.
> > I've put zd1211rw last in /etc/modules. I have to unplug the usb stick
> > before rebooting, and plug it in again after Linux has loaded, else it
> > fails: USB control request for firmware upload failed. Error number
> > -110. 
> Downgrade to zd1211-firmware-1.1 and see if that helps.
> > But the driver seems to work fine!
> > Don't know how formal tests are required, but I suggest adding
> > {USB_DEVICE(0x13b1, 0x0024), .driver_info = DEVICE_ZD1211B} 
> > to zd_usb.c
> Please provide the information requested here:
> Daniel

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