On Sun, 2006-12-17 at 18:13 +0100, Harald Dunkel wrote:
> Hi Henrik,
> Henrik Hjelte wrote:
> > 
> > Also I have problems with starting the driver automatically at startup.
> > I've put zd1211rw last in /etc/modules. I have to unplug the usb stick
> > before rebooting, and plug it in again after Linux has loaded, else it
> > fails: USB control request for firmware upload failed. Error number
> > -110. I suspect this has to do with zd1211rw being loaded too early in
> > the process, but I don't know to fix it. What is the proper way to load
> > the modules, is /etc/modules the right thing?
> > 
> No, usually the driver modules for usb are supposed
> to be loaded by the appropriate udev rules. And this
> should work at boot time too, i.e. no need to unplug
> the usb dongle.
This doesn't work for me. The log says that some usb device is
plugged-in, but the zd1211rw driver isn't loaded. 

> I would suggest to try the wpasupplicant package. 
I use an open network, so I don't think I need wpasupplicant. 

> For
> Debian and Ubuntu the appropriate support has been added
> to the ifupdown scripts. You have to configure your wlan
> gateway to do wpa-psk, though.
> My entry for wlan in /etc/network/interfaces looks like
> this:
>       allow-hotplug eth2
>       iface eth2 inet static
>               wpa-driver wext
>               wpa-ssid mynet
>               wpa-psk my_precious_wpa_passphrase
>               address
>               netmask
>               gateway
I use dhcp on an open network, and the usb stick is eth1, so I tried

allow-hotplug eth1
iface eth1 inet dhcp
wpa-driver wext
wireless-essid MyOpenNetwork

it almost worked, I got a connection but no dhcp ip. 
I don't use my laptop that much, so I can live with my current setup
that works. Plugging in the usb stick after reboots, and this little
wlan.sh script for connecting.
sudo iwconfig eth1 essid MyOpenNetwork

I have not tried downgrading the firmware yet.

Thanks for all help,
Henrik Hjelte

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