This is my first time trying out this driver, so please be gentle if I have 
missed anything obvious. I checked what I could see to make sure no one had 
gone through this already. I just got a USB wireless adapter with an 
ADSL router and thought I would give it a try - it seems to very nearly work.

Things you ask for on the wiki:

Brand & Retail Product: ZyXEL G-202 Wireless USB Adapter
USB ID: 0586:3410
Chip ID: zd1211rw 1-6:1.0: zd1211 chip 0586:3410 v4810 high 00-13-49 AL2230_RF 
pa0 g---
FCC ID: M4Y-XG-760N (I think - the letters are tiny)

I compiled the in-kernel driver, using the Gentoo patched kernel sources, 
version 2.6.20. After I added the USB ID in the kernel source and recompiled 
the driver seems to work to a point as it was able to detect the nearby 
access points, but when I tried to actually associate with one it failed. The 
output I got is shown below,

cryos-lap ~ # /etc/init.d/net.eth1 restart
 * Caching service dependencies ...                                       [ 
ok ]
 * Stopping eth1
 *   Bringing down eth1
 *     Shutting down eth1 ...                                             [ 
ok ]
 * Starting eth1
 *   Configuring wireless network for eth1
Error for wireless request "Set Frequency" (8B04) :
    SET failed on device eth1 ; Operation not permitted.

Let me know if there is anymore I can do to help get this adapter working - it 
seems to be very close already and is bundled with ZyXEL routers right now.



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