Marcus D. Hanwell wrote:
> I didn't set the frequency, I had actually assumed it was the driver trying 
> to 
> set its own frequency to match that of the AP. Not sure where the frequency 
> request came from then - I just set the essid and key for it. I was trying to 
> use simple WEP.

Nope - those messages come from iwconfig. The driver (well, the stack) 
does find the channel automatically, which is why you aren't allowed to 
do it through iwconfig.

It's more sensible to use wpa_supplicant to handle your network 
configuration (even for open/WEP) but I still advise getting it going 
manually first.

> Let me know if it would be useful to work on this further. To be honest I was 
> more interested in whether this device worked as I don't really need it too 
> much just yet. I can turn WEP off on that access point if it helps, I also 
> have my real access point using WPA2 which I could test if this gets working 
> later but I didn't want to complicate it too much just yet.

Next step would be to try the vendor driver with your existing setup. 
That way you find out if it is AL2230S or not, and also whether the 
vendor driver works with your AP (our code is based off that, so if it 
works then at least we have something to work from).


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